City Meetings Audio


Welcome to the City of Lake Helen meetings.

Unless otherwise noted, City Meetings are held at

City Hall, 327 South Lakeview Drive, Lake Helen 32744.
 2nd Floor Commission Chambers

The agenda for scheduled meetings are posted in City Hall the week of the meeting.

Agendas and all backup material supporting each agenda item are available at City Hall or here on the city’s website at this link:
City Meetings Agenda Packages
If you are attending a meeting and wish to speak please fill out and provide to the meeting Secretary the appropriate “Request to Speak” form available for your convenience at the front table prior to the beginning of the meeting.

After being recognized by the Mayor, persons are asked to come forward and speak from the podium, state their name and address, and direct all remarks to the Commission as a body and not to individual members of the Commission, staff or audience.
Citizen comments during Public Comment and each section of the agenda where public comment is allowed are asked to limit the discussion to three (3) minutes. Large groups are asked to name a spokesperson. The period of time is for comments and not for questions directed to the Commission or staff for immediate answer.

Questions directed to the City Commission will be referred to staff and should be answered by staff within a reasonable period of time following the date of the meeting. Order and decorum will be preserved at all meetings.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Florida Statutes, persons with disabilities needing special accommodation to participate in city meetings should contact City Hall at (386) 228-2121, no later than one business day before the meeting.

The City of Lake Helen is thankful for your participation in your city government.