City of Lake Helen Building Department Forms

The City of Lake Helen Building Department accepts Volusia County Building Department Forms (link to open to external site).

The following files are in pdf format. To view or print them you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download one for free – click Here for Adobe Reader.

Permits can be delivered to City Hall (327 S. Lakeview Drive, Lake Helen)
Mailed to PO Box 39, Lake Helen, Florida 32744  Or emailed to
Please bring 2 complete sets of all forms and documents with you (except energy forms – 3 sets required).

** The 6th Edition Florida Building Code became Effective Midnight December 31, 2017**Commercial Permit

Building Permit Application
Commercial Low Sloped Roof Application 
Commercial checklist (first page has Concurrent Review checklist)
After the Fact Commercial Permit Information
Commercial Permit Information Guide
Pre-power request form
Survey requirements

Demolition Permit
Building Permit Application
Site plan checklist
Survey requirements

Electric Permit
Building Permit Application
Limited electric use certification form
Pre-power request form
Temporary underground service request form

Fence Permit
Building Permit Application
Site plan checklist
Survey requirements

Fire Permit
Building Permit Application
Fire safety information guide

Gas Permit
Building Permit Application
LP gas  installation
Site plan checklist
Survey requirements

Generator Installation Permit
Building Permit Application
Generator installation checklist
Generator installation guide
Site plan checklist
Survey requirements

Mechanical Permit
Building Permit Application
Energy forms
HVAC emergency change-outs
HVAC replacement commercial rooftop

Plumbing Permit
Building Permit Application

Pool Permit
Building Permit Application
Pool Safety Act form
2014 FBC Pool Fence and Barrier
Simplified total dynamic head (TDH) calculation worksheet
In-ground pool checklist
Above-ground pool information sheet
Pool Final Affidavit
Site plan checklist
Survey requirements

Residential Permit – for new construction, alterations or additions

Building Permit Application
Blower Door Test form (effective July 1, 2017) 
Residential permit submittal checklist 
Energy forms  (3 Sets Required)
Residential Permit Information Guide
After the Fact Residential Permit Guide
Residential Plan Review Checklist
Single-family residential information sheet
Affidavit of drainage control (ADC)
Pre-power request form
Temporary Underground Service – Request Form
Work without a permit guide  (residential work started without a permit)
Site plan checklist
Survey requirements

Roof Permit
Building Permit Application
Commercial Low Sloped Roof Application 
Deck nailing affidavit
Installation (after the fact) Architect/Engineer affidavit
Low sloped roof information form
Reroof Inspection Procedure
Sloped roof information form
Underlayment and flashing affidavit

Solar Permit
Building Permit Application

Architect/Engineer affidavit
General affidavit
Window and door Architect/Engineer affidavit

Notice of Commencement Forms
Notice of Commencement
Notice of commencement affidavit
Notice of commencement termination

Other Forms

Blower Door Test Affidavit 
Blower Door Test Form
Change of contractor
Extension letter
Owner builder statement/affidavit
Permit authorization
Replacement jobsite copies
Request for additional information (permits not issued)
Revision form (only for issued permits)
Substantial improvements disclosure statement (CCCL/FEMA)

Helpful Info
One and Two Family Dwelling Inspection Checklist
Expired Permit Procedures
Florida’s Construction Lien Law
Online Interactive GIS maps (including Flood Information Mapping and Wind Speed Maps for Building Construction)
View the Florida Building Codes
Volusia County Environmental Health service map
Drainage and Erosion Retaining Wall Policy

Fee Schedule

Lake Helen Certificate of Appropriateness Application (11/2019)

Business Tax
Business Tax Commercial Application
Business Tax Residential Application – Home Occupation
Other Permits
Tree Removal
Sign Permit 
Event Permit
Application for Gateway Historic Style Review
Newcomer’s Guide
Facility Rentals
Facility Rental Application
Facility Rental Webpage
Other Forms
Advisory Board Vacancy Application
Lake Helen Employment Application
Annexation Application

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