4th of July Update

At the June 11th City Commission Meeting, Vice Mayor Jim Connell asked the Commission to “Bring the Parade to the People.” The City Commission unanimously supported the idea:

The City of Lake Helen City Commission is proud to announce that the annual Lake Helen 4th of July Parade will be brought to you this year!

With an almost 10-mile parade route, sit outside your home or along one of the Lake Helen streets on the route to see the 2020 Parade. Spectators can also watch from one of these many locations: Melissa park, Hopkins Hall, Lake Helen Library, Asa Gray Park, Lake Helen City Hall, Blake Park. (Please note that bathroom facilities will not be available at these locations)

Practice Social Distancing!

Parade begins Equestrian Center (321 S. Pleasant Street) at 9:30am.

Unfortunately, parade walkers are not allowed this time. No distribution of items (ie: candy, flyers, etc) will be allowed.

Parade will start promptly at 10:00am.

Route: Start at the Lake Helen Equestrian Center. Turn left onto Pleasant Street until West Ohio Avenue. Turn right onto West Ohio Avenue until Church Street. Turn right onto Church Street until West Pennsylvania Avenue. Turn right onto West Pennsylvania Avenue until South Summit Avenue. Turn left on to Summit Avenue until John Street. Turn right onto John Street until High Street. Turn right onto High Street until Pennsylvania Avenue. Turn right onto Pennsylvania Avenue until Volusia Avenue. Turn right onto Volusia Avenue until West New York Avenue. Turn right onto West New York Avenue until Euclid Avenue. Turn right onto Euclid Avenue until West Ohio Avenue. Turn left onto west Ohio until South Lakeview Drive. Turn left onto South Lakeview Drive until Tangerine Avenue. Turn right onto Tangerine Avenue and follow the curve until Orange Avenue. Turn left on Lemon Avenue through Lake Helen Villa and back on Lemon Avenue until Prevatt Avenue. Turn right on South Prevatt Avenue until West Ohio Avenue. Turn right onto Ohio Avenue until Pleasant Street. Turn right on Pleasant Street and meet back at the Lake Helen Equestrian Center. 

2 thoughts on “4th of July Update

  1. You are violating CDC guidelines, jeopardizing the safety of our citizens. Who is going to monitor these locations where the peoples are to gather, the confusion it will bring on the parade issue. where to go to line up, it is already tough to get it all to go smoothly. Traditions of the parade route are known well so to all of a sudden you put out there Parade to the people, the route and then say you can join in and meet at the equestrian park and watch from these locations if the parade does not come down your street. Are there rules not to throw out candy?? This sounds more political then the message of July 4th celebrations. I am not trying to rain on the Parade just my opinion. I do not agree with this decision while the covid 19 cases are drastically rising in Florida and Lake Helen.We were at one case then five now eight. are there going to be porta potties at the given locations, does this mean their will be food trucks the confusion goes on along with the chance of spreading the virus. What are the LHPD going to do if 50 floats show up to follow the train, a traffic nightmare. I believe the city needs to ad to the marque at city hall, no parade line up at the Glass co.or put it on the website. This is my opinion and not that of the citizens let that be known. I do not support this action at all. Appointed advocate for lake Helen “Ranger” James Tyler


  2. I want to thank Becky and lauren for editing this Parade info after our discussion yesterday, i see you added no bathrooms at viewing locations, no candy, flyers etc… , what still concerns me is there is no mention of how many floats to be allowed and if it is just Lake Helen residents. What I fear is the excitement growing from our neighbor cities residents wanting to get involved, now this may open pandora’s box. Is our LHPD prepared for the invasion that may occur. Also the route is going through the Villas where our most vulnerable residents reside.I am just voicing my concern and do appreciate you making some of the changes.one more thing; I noticed the changes you also made to this page from yesterday that it originally had 0 post and post are subject to approval, does this mean there is censorship on who post and what their post express. Whether they are for it or against it, this is my second post to this site and I do not see a public comment review. Thank you “Ranger” James Tyler


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